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puo pha productions

Tjovitjo I

This is the record breaking 26-part youth drama dance series, is about the lives of a group of dancers, AmaTjovitjo, who are trained in the classical ghetto-dance style of SePantsula. 


eKasi Our Stories

A series of twenty six one hour movies every year for a period of three years. Puo Pha Productions worked as showrunners for on the series, giving first time writers their very first TV credits, 


Society I

A four part mini television series about four women who start a society after they are brought together by the death of a another friend. Think, Sex and the City, in a different city, with a little less comedy and more heartfelt drama.



A thirteen part musical journey connecting what was and what is. Looking at the local South African Hip-Hop culture of sampling old records to make new beats and new music.

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Society II

A twenty six part television drama series about four woman who have a "society" and help each other through the dynamics of daily life. The second installment to the original four-part mini series.

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