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puo pha productions


Producer. Writer. Director. 

 I, have a deep deep love for what makes us uniquely South African. In fact we try to create content that has that specificity, South African-ness​
TV-Plus Magazine

Lodi's credits as a producer, demonstrate her ability to create award winning work, across genres, fact or fiction, with record breaking ratings. This puts her company, Puo Pha Productions, head and shoulders above other content producers in South Africa and on the continent. Her work has screened on Al Jazeera and other networks, and has graced the big screens of film festival’s like Toronto’s international film festival.

Puo Pha has positioned itself as the go-to production house for scripted content that function as unique narrative vehicles, for the seamless integration of brands and products aimed at the largest consumer market; the youth, who make up 60% of the population in South Africa and the rest of the continent.

Creating formats that still have the ability to secure large market-share (markets that have now been splintered), has become a rare feat; but Lodi’s company, managed to achieve this, in an extremely competitive environment. She and her business partner Vincent Moloi achieve this by focusing on stories that seem the most obvious, yet are somehow, the ones to have received the least amount of attention; the untold stories.

Now, halfway through the production of their three film documentary slate awarded to her company by the National Film and Video Foundation (NFVF, South Africa), Lodi will be making her documentary directorial debut on a film using the Fees Must Fall Movement in South Africa as a starting point. 
Tjovitjo, the series responsible for Lodi’s claim to be an award winning, record breaking producer, is a drama series that garnered several nominations and countless wins at the South African Film and Television award (season II is currently in development). 

While she does a lot of above the line content, now producing a second Netlfix drama series, she is buoyed by the smaller projects that speak to community building, training and representation both in the production and final product. This is evident in her work with BWEF (Barlow World Empowerment Foundation) Iranti and other non-profits.

Lodi, now confidently straddles South Africa and the US, putting her efforts into creating partnerships, that can produce content that bypasses language barriers, fixed borders and supposed cultural differences to deliver strong AR’s without sacrificing narrative and production integrity.

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