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Collaboration strengthens any and all initiatives. 

 I bring a broad spectrum of executive and practical expertise to the development, planning and execution of an organisation’s

Communication/content strategy. Using my storytelling skills to translate research and data into communicable assets and properties, I’m able to guide organisations in successfully reaching their intended audience (individuals, communities, corporates, policymakers).

In the filmic space I am an indie-filmmaker. In the corporate arena, I’m a t-shaped communication specialist.

My consultancy is built on the premise of collaboration, I cannot achieve my objectives without the input from you, my client. 

So it is you, and I.

& Lodi


Story is the synthesis of specifics

Narrative marketing and communication isn't novel. The non-profit sector has always understood that the specificity of people's circumstances, brings about understanding, empathy and innovative means of intervention. Story is the synthesis of specifics.


Internal + External Communication Strategy

Project, Programmes, Campaign Design + Management

Print, AV + Marketing Asset Production

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